Ebtekar Jam Trading Company

is registered under No. 215184 in 2006. EJT Co. after more than 10 years of business experience with its partner companies in the fields of import of petroleum equipment, industrial machinery, raw materials and ..., the export of domestic products, industrial products such as mineral products, petroleum products and ... Carpets and food, including nuts, fruits, etc. started its work with concentrating business activities in the form of a specialized company with the main subject of consulting, brokerage and doing all commercial services.

In recent years, most of EJT's business activities have focused on providing business advisory services and applying the most efficient international financial and business tools and methods.
In addition, the activity of EJT Co. has been developed by international trade experts and prominent economic experts by evaluating and estimating various components and preparing road maps and outlining business strategies in a way that its clients have succeeded to receive market information, evaluation of reliable business partners, applying modern business tools and the methods of dealing with foreign buyers and expanding operations in new regional and trans-regional markets.


Field of activities:

Buying and selling or importing and exporting all of commercial goods;
Providing all of the services and facilities in domestic and international trade;
Obtaining representation from domestic and foreign companies;
Participation bidding at private or public tender;
Acquiring asset and gaining property;
Getting credit facility or obtaining loans from domestic and foreign banks, furthermore any permitted activities related to our company;
Partnering within the legally valid framework with legal or natural persons … domestic or foreign, especially through the obligation to buy stocks and purchase shares of new or existing companies by commission or by formatting a consortium;
In general, EJT company engages in any field like an investment and commercial or transactions operations, directly or indirectly, in whole or in any of above field and when necessary after obtaining permission from the relevant authorities do the task;


Our mission is to provide simple and innovative solutions to business negotiations and to create a profitable business between buyers and sellers and ultimately to provide effective services to facilitate foreign trade


We intend to reach a safe, secure, vibrant and global marketplace through productive consultations with domestic and foreign buyers and sellers, and to provide an appropriate framework for seamless business transactions.