Submitting trading services to the respected traders in the country of origin or destination

Respected manufacturers who are interested in exporting their product in question, can contact us to entrance regional and overseas sales markets; we are also able to collaborate in supplying needed commodities in industries, such as raw materials, equipment, machinery and technical knowledge in light of the latest changes in international trade laws and regulations.
Knowledge, experience and partnerships with companies and offices in the region and any place in Asia and Europe enable us to step in to provide specialized export and import services and expand our product sales markets.
Providing commercial services to purchase the needed goods and equipment;
Preforming effective and comprehensive negotiations with foreign companies offering advice on drafting and preparing contracts;
Estimation of costs associated with buying and selling, including commodity prices, shipping frights, and customs costs;
Offering advice on opening LC and choosing the best payment method;
Providing marketing services in the field of international marketing and gathering information needed to buyers of Iranian goods in the region and beyond.
  • Import and export consulting basically requires expertise and knowledge in entering and penetrating into any export/import market; Our company with the participation of partner companies can act as a trusted adviser along with expanding your business through financial and business activities to achieve a complete understanding of regional markets as well as international markets;
  • Offering necessary consultation on identifying the problems and complexities of a foreign trade as well as the related threats of an investment opportunities;
  • Offering innovative methods faced on possible changes such as changes in import and export laws and clearance of goods in domestic and international trade;
  • Consulting on importing needed goods for various industries such as equipment, machinery, raw materials, and technical knowledge and collaborating with the contractors of Construction and Industrial Projects’ in supplying required products,
  • Consulting on developing international marketing and marketing activities;
  • Consulting on marketing studies and identifying the target markets;
  • Consulting on buying needed goods from internal and reputable foreign companies;
  • Consulting on implementation of feasibility studies and research projects in the field of economics and commerce.